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Our Team


Founder & Principal

Background: J Clinton Hill is a Capital Markets Strategist and the founder of Hillbent.com. He currently maintains a Series 3 license with the NFA (National Futures Association) and his previous background comprises some 27 plus years in investment finance and advisory services. He has worked as a private equity investment business analyst for family offices; a registered investment advisor (RIA) and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) overseeing separate managed accounts at Hill-Mangat Advisors, LLC; and also a former broker and First Vice President with Morgan Stanley focusing on (1) IPO’s/Secondary Offerings, (2) 144 Restricted Stock/Corporate Insiders, and (3) advanced equity option strategies for capital appreciation, hedging and portfolio risk management.

Skills and Experience: A self-taught quantitative and technical analyst, since 1990, he has devoted tens of thousands of hours to researching and constructing proprietary models and algorithms related to investment finance, economics, demographics, human behavioral patterns and predictive analytics. In addition to this, he has also studied gaming and fractal theories and modeled software applications for stock market analysis; asset correlation performance; market timing; bank business lending and risk management; portfolio optimization and allocation for real estate funds; and intelligence analysis research.

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Education: J Clinton Hill received his B.A. with majors in Modern Economic History and English Literature at Central Michigan University (CMU). He also earned a competitive honors scholarship to attend England’s Cambridge University (as a Shakespeare scholar and rugby player).



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Paul Kirkaas Randy Larsen Vito Rotunno
Chief Technology Consultant Asia Marketing & Branding Business & Legal Advisor