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Atlas Is Shrugging and I’m Still Shaking My Head

big-red-question-markAyn Rand’s statement below is so contextually true as we live in an era where people are allowed to do immoral things and escape with little or minimal consequence simply because it’s legal or they have enough money to legally stonewall or escape justice. Once upon a time, there was slavery in America and women were not allowed to vote in this country. Although the law said it was legal, that didn’t make it right.

Ideally, our leaders are exalted to positions of authority for the purpose of protecting and serving our society, yet some commit crimes against us. As a country (Americans), I know that we can and should demand/expect better. If not, then we will continue to splinter. The current GOP campaign is but a prelude of things to come and the Democrats are merely one more election cycle from implosion as well. If America wants its citizens to give their unconditional allegiance to her, then she must be willing to extend hers as well to all of her citizens, instead of a just privileged 1% or 5% or select ethnic or gender group, and etc.

By the way, do you want to hear something sadly funny? An existing irony is that both extreme sides of the left and right, of which I am neither, recognize all of the above in some way or another, and yet they stand divided, which leaves me but little option other than shaking my head as the puppet masters continue to deflect and distract.

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