View From the Hill: It’s All Fun and Games Until…

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Going into the weekend the equity markets are delivering mixed results. Outside of Bonds, Utilities, and Real Estate, the Fed announcement on monetary policy and unwinding its balance sheet had very little effect from a weekly perspective. Today, it appears Geopolitics has re-emerged as a toxic cloud over the broad markets  as tensions between North […]

Unwinding The Fed’s Balance Sheet A Real High Wire Act

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A review of the 10-year Treasury note’s weekly trading chart indicates that the secular bull market in bonds may have already concluded. Therefore, relief rallies should not be mistaken for encores and instead regarded as exit opportunities from the market gods. In fact, the most recent rally coming off of key support levels appears to […]

Currency Update: Be Wary of US Dollar Rally Against Japanese Yen

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Persistent US Dollar weakness has been commonly accepted. So, with last week’s bullish reversal in the USD/JPY (Dollar vs Yen forex pair) followed by today’s continuation pattern and new 1-month high, this post is more than a justifiable pause for the cause. Is this breakout legitimate? As the major trend still remains bearish, I am inclined […]

Energy Commodities Alert: Natural Gas Signaling Bullish Breakout

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The energy commodity, Natural Gas, has been trending downward since December-2016, but as of today the trend may be changing for both the futures contracts and its underlying exchange traded fund. The October-2017 contract cleared resistance above its 22-week average and is now looking to challenge resistance at the 55-week moving average. Meanwhile, the Natural […]

Qualifying and Quantifying Current Equity Market Risks

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Given the fact that the bull market in equities has now extended 9 years since the March-2009 low and that the seasonally ominous month of October is arriving soon, I thought now might be appropriate to quantify (technical) and qualify (fundamental) some of the risks confronting the market. Below is a monthly chart of the […]

Getting Away From the Schism of Izzims

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  Hmmmmm… No one has paid much attention to Lil’ Kim (Jong Un) lately since the recent tragic events involving alt-right white supremacists and alt-left protesters in Charlottesville, VA. POTUS Trump, an alternative-reality star in his own right (pun intended), adores being in the global spotlight and has garnered most of it. However, I wonder if […]

Weekly Capital Markets Technical Analysis Summary: June-2-2017

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Stocks: US Equity indexes continued to make new highs, with exception of the Transports which are attempting a key bullish reversal after a recent price correction. Russell-2000 small caps also failed to achieve a new high and may be encountering some resistance. Lately, the real standout has been the interest rate sensitive Utilities index, which cleared […]

Party for the Trump Rally Just Getting Started

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Market Condition   Commentary Analysis Technicals The SP-500 (SPY) has made 5 new consecutive highs since its breakout from a short-term period of consolidation. The trend remains bullish and has assumed a parabolic character by piercing through the resistance of its upper channel. At some point soon, I anticipate the SPY to pull back within […]