Getting Away From the Schism of Izzims

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  Hmmmmm… No one has paid much attention to Lil’ Kim (Jong Un) lately since the recent tragic events involving alt-right white supremacists and alt-left protesters in Charlottesville, VA. POTUS Trump, an alternative-reality star in his own right (pun intended), adores being in the global spotlight and has garnered most of it. However, I wonder if […]

Note to IMF and World Bank: China’s Got Your Pimp Juice Now

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I jotted notes down last week and intended to post this earlier, but became distracted with other matters. It looks like Africa just told the IMF and World Bank to go f*ck their sisters.  Raising more than just an eyebrow was an online article I read from Financial Juneteenth, which reported that the R&B singer and producer, […]

“Trumpire” Crumbling As Top GOP Leaders Defecting

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Any “Trumpire” supporters care to defend Donald on the latest desertion by some “real” Republicans? Right-wing media pundits are calling these defectors out as not being “real” Republicans? Give me a break! They are “real” by virtue of the fact that they refuse to live in an alternative reality whose world is controlled by a […]

Foreign Policy Challenges for the Next U.S. Presidency

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Whether one likes it or not, the U.S. is a global empire and realpolitk dictates that it cannot retreat into being an isolationist power without giving up the leverage and benefits that governments, businesses and individual citizens enjoy. Stratford analysts, Rodger Baker and Reva Goujon, discuss the challenges of crafting foreign policy for the next […]

GOP: Grow Up, Man Up, and Cast Vote For or Against Supreme Court Nominee

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When it comes to political gamesmanship or sportsman like conduct, if such even exist, the GOP is afflicted with the curiously peculiar disease of Benjamin Button and has retrogressed to a pre-adolescent narcissistic child who upsets the board and tantrums when it realizes that the outcome it seeks cannot be realized1. Republican Senator of Illinois, […]