Core ETF Universe

Core ETF Universe


Monitoring the more than 2000 ETFs trading on US exchanges can be time consuming and burdensome. For your reference, below is Hillbent-4-ETFs database for Exchange Traded Funds.

Our primary objective is not to provide comprehensive coverage, but instead save valuable time and further assist the research efforts of portfolio managers, investment advisors and self-directed individuals with efficient and concise macro-analysis of capital markets trends and volume liquidity flows. Therefore, we have carefully reviewed and selected an essential watchlist of 300+ (and growing) ETFs based upon liquidity and/or stability of the sponsor-issuer and which best mimic or represent essential asset classes, sectors, key industries, investment styles and themes.

The securities within this universe are continuously analyzed and evaluated with our proprietary data analytics and commentary opinions to provide timely decision support research and highlight specific bullish and bearish price alerts for our subscriber clients who use ETFs for tactical and strategic investment allocations.


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Equities Bonds Cash/Currencies Commodities Real Estate
Asset ClassSub-Asset ClassSymbolETF Name
EquitiesAmericasSPYS&P 500 SPDR
EquitiesAmericasQQQNasdaq QQQ ETF
EquitiesAmericasIWMRussell 2000 Ishares
EquitiesAmericasEWCCanada Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAmericasEWWMexico Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAmericasEWZBrazil Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAmericasARGTG-X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF
EquitiesAmericasECHChile Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAmericasGXGG-X FTSE Colombia 20 ETF
EquitiesAmericasEPUPeru Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeIEVEurope 350 Ishares
EquitiesEuropeVGKEurope ETF FTSE Vanguard
EquitiesEuropeEWOAustria Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEWKBelgium Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEDENDenmark Index MSCI Ishare
EquitiesEuropeEWGGermany Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeGREKG-X FTSE Greece 20 ETF
EquitiesEuropeEFNLFinland Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEWQFrance Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEIRLIreland Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEWIItaly Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEWNNetherlands Invstbl Mkt Idx Ishares ETF
EquitiesEuropeNORWG-X Norway ETF
EquitiesEuropeEPOLPoland Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropePGALG-X FTSE Portugal 20 ETF
EquitiesEuropeRSXRussia Vaneck ETF
EquitiesEuropeEWPSpain Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEWDSweden Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEWLSwitzerland Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeTURTurkey Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEuropeEWUUK Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaASHRDb-Xt Harvest CSI 300 China A
EquitiesAsiaFXIFTSE China 25 Index Fund Ishares
EquitiesAsiaMCHIChina Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaEWJJapan Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaEWAAustralia Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaEWHHong Kong Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaPINIndia Powershares
EquitiesAsiaEPIIndia Earnings Wisdomtree
EquitiesAsiaIDXIndonesia Index ETF Vaneck
EquitiesAsiaEWMMalaysia Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaENZLNew Zealand Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaEPHEPhilippines Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaEWSSingapore Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaEWYSouth Korea Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaEWTTaiwan Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaTHDThailand Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAsiaVNMVietnam Vaneck ETF
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherEGPTEgypt Index ETF Vaneck
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherEISIsrael Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherNGEG-X Nigeria Index ETF
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherPAKG-X MSCI Pakistan ETF
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherQATIshares Qatar Capped ETF
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherKSAIshares Saudi Arabia Capped ETF
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherEZASouth Africa Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesAfrica, Mid-East, OtherUAEIshares UAE Capped ETF
EquitiesVolatilityVXXVIX Short-Term Futures ETN Ipath
EquitiesVolatilityVIXYVIX Short-Term Futures Proshares
EquitiesVolatilityVIXMVIX Mid-Term Futures Proshares
EquitiesDow TheoryDIADOW Industrials SPDR
EquitiesDow TheoryIYTDOW Transportations Ishares
EquitiesDow TheoryIDUDOW Utilities Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueOEFS&P 100 Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIWBRussell 1000 Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIWFRussell 1000 Growth Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIWDRussell 1000 Value Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIJHS&P Midcap 400 Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIWPRussell Midcap Growth Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIWSRussell Midcap Value Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIJRS&P Smallcap 600 Index Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIWORussell 2000 Growth Ishares
EquitiesMkt Cap/Growth & ValueIWNRussell 2000 Value Ishares
EquitiesGlobal RegionsITOTS&P 1500 Ishares
EquitiesGlobal RegionsILFLatin America 40 Ishares
EquitiesGlobal RegionsANDG-X FTSE Andean 40 ETF
EquitiesGlobal RegionsEZUIshares MSCI Eurozone ETF
EquitiesGlobal RegionsEPPPacific Ex-Japan MSCI Ishares
EquitiesGlobal RegionsAFKAfrica Index ETF Vaneck
EquitiesGlobal RegionsEFAEAFE Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEmerging MarketsEEMEmrg Mkts Index MSCI Ishares
EquitiesEmerging MarketsEEBBRIC Guggenheim
EquitiesEmerging MarketsGMFS&P Emerging Asia Pacific SPDR
EquitiesEmerging MarketsGURS&P Emerging Europe SPDR
EquitiesEmerging MarketsGMLS&P Emerging Latin America SPDR
EquitiesEmerging MarketsGAFS&P Emrg Midl East & Africa SPDR
EquitiesFrontier MarketsFRNFrontier Markets Guggenheim ETF
EquitiesFrontier MarketsFMFrontier 100 Ishares ETF
EquitiesFrontier MarketsBBRCColumbia Beyond Brics ETF
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeDVYDJ Select Dividend Index Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeHDVCore High Dividend ETF Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeIDVDJ Intl Select Div Idx Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeDGRODividend Growth Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeDVYEEmrg Mkts Dividend Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeDVYAAsia Pacific Dividend 30 Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeIPFFS&P Intl Preferred Stock Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeIGROIshares Intl Dividend Growth ETF
EquitiesGrowth & IncomePFFS&P US Preferred Stock Ishares
EquitiesGrowth & IncomeHILOLow Vol EM Dividend ETF Egshares
EquitiesUS SectorsXLYS&P 500 Cons Disc Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsXLPS&P 500 Cons Staples Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsXLES&P 500 Energy Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsXLFS&P 500 Financials Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsXLVS&P 500 Healthcare Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsXLIS&P 500 Industrial Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsVGTInformation Technology ETF Vanguard
EquitiesUS SectorsXLBS&P 500 Materials Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsIYZDJ US Telecom Ishares
EquitiesUS SectorsXLUS&P 500 Utilities Sector SPDR
EquitiesUS SectorsXLRES&P 500 Real Estate Sector SPDR
EquitiesGlobal SectorsRXIS&P Global Cons Disc Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsKXIS&P Global Cons Staples Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsIXGS&P Global Financials Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsIXCS&P Global Energy Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsIXJS&P Global Healthcare Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsEXIS&P Global Industrials Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsMXIS&P Global Materials Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsIXNS&P Global Technology Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsIXPS&P Global Telecom Ishares
EquitiesGlobal SectorsJXIS&P Global Utilities Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesITADJ US Aerospace & Defense Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesMOOAgribusiness ETF Vaneck
EquitiesKey IndustriesVEGIGlobal Agriculture Prod MSCI Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesBBHBiotech Vaneck ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesKBES&P Bank ETF SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesIATDJ US Regional Banks Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesIAIDJ US Broker-Dealers Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesPKBDynamic Building & Construct Powershares
EquitiesKey IndustriesKCES&P Capital Markets ETF SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesKOLCoal ETF Vaneck
EquitiesKey IndustriesPBJDynamic Food & Beverage Powershares
EquitiesKey IndustriesBJKGaming ETF Vaneck
EquitiesKey IndustriesGDXGold Miners Vaneck ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesGDXJJunior Gold Miners ETF Vaneck
EquitiesKey IndustriesHAPRve Hard Assets Producers Vaneck ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesIHFDJ US Healthcare Provider Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesXHBS&P Homebuilders SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesITBDJ US Home Construction Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesIGFIshares Global Infrastructure ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesKIES&P Insurance ETF SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesFDNDJ Internet Index First Trust
EquitiesKey IndustriesJETSUS Global Jets ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesIHIDJ US Medical Devices Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesXMES&P Metals & Mining SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesPPHPharmaceutical Vaneck ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesXESS&P Oil & Gas Eqpt & Services SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesXOPS&P Oil & Gas Expl & Prod SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesOIHOil Services Vaneck ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesRTHRetail ETF Vaneck
EquitiesKey IndustriesSMHSemiconductor Vaneck ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesIGVS&P Tech-Software North Amer Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesSEAShipping Guggenheim ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesSILJPurefunds ISE Junior Silver ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesTANSolar ETF Guggenheim
EquitiesKey IndustriesSLXSteel Vaneck ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesIGNS&P Tech-Multimedia Ntwk North Amer Ishares
EquitiesKey IndustriesCUTGuggenheim MSCI Global Timber ETF
EquitiesKey IndustriesXTNS&P Transportation SPDR
EquitiesKey IndustriesNLRUranium+Nuclear Energy Vaneck ETF
EquitiesTheme: Socially ResponsibleFANGlobal Wind Energy First Trust
EquitiesTheme: China SectorsCHIQG-X China Consumer ETF
EquitiesTheme: China SectorsCHIXG-X China Financials ETF
EquitiesTheme: China SectorsCHIIG-X China Industrials ETF
EquitiesTheme: China SectorsCHIMG-X China Materials ETF
EquitiesTheme: China SectorsCQQQChina Technology ETF Guggenheim
EquitiesTheme: China SectorsKWEBKranes CSI China ETF
EquitiesTheme: India SectorsINCOIndia Consumer Egshares
EquitiesTheme: India SectorsINXXIndia Infrastructure Egshares
EquitiesTheme: Emerging Mkt SectorsECONEmrg Mkts Consumer Egshares
EquitiesTheme: Emerging Mkt SectorsEMQQEmrg Mkts Internet and Ecommerce Etc
EquitiesTheme: EnergyFRAKUnconventional Oil & Gas Vaneck ETF
EquitiesTheme: EnergyGEXGlobal Alternatve Energy ETF Vaneck
EquitiesTheme: EnergyTPYPTortoise North Amer Pipeline Fund
EquitiesTheme: EnergyFCGNatural Gas ETF FT
EquitiesTheme: HealthcareCNCRLoncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF
EquitiesTheme: HealthcareBBCBioshares Biotech Clinical Trial
EquitiesTheme: HealthcareXHES&P Healthcare Equipment SPDR
EquitiesTheme: HealthcareSBIOAlps Medical Breakthroughs ETF
EquitiesTheme: HealthcarePSCHS&P Smallcap Health Care PS
EquitiesTheme: InfrastructureEMLPNorth American Energy Infr Fund FT
EquitiesTheme: InfrastructureMLPXG-X MLP & Energy Infrasture ETF
EquitiesTheme: InfrastructureGRIDNasdaq Clean Edge Smart Grid Infr Index Fund FT
EquitiesTheme: Natural ResourcesCGWS&P Global Water Guggenheim
EquitiesTheme: Natural ResourcesPHOWater Resources Powershares
EquitiesTheme: Natural ResourcesFIWWater ETF FT
EquitiesTheme: Natural ResourcesWOODIshares Global Timber & Forestry ETF
EquitiesTheme: Socially ResponsiblePBDGlobal Clean Energy Powershares
EquitiesTheme: Socially ResponsibleEVXEnvironmental Svcs ETF Vaneck
EquitiesTheme: Socially ResponsibleLOWCACWI Low Carbon Target MSCI ETF SPDR
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyIPAYPurefunds ISE Mobile Payments ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyGAMRPurefunds Video Game Tech ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyIFLYPurefunds Drone Economy Strategy ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyROBOGlobal Robotics and Automation ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyARKKArk Innovation ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyARKWArk Web X.0 ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyCIBRNasdaq Cybersecurity ETF FT
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyHACKPurefunds ISE Cyber Security ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyPSCTS&P Smallcap Info Tech PS
EquitiesTheme: TechnologySKYYCloud Computing ETF FT
EquitiesTheme: TechnologySOCLG-X Social Media ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyBIGDPurefunds ISE Big Data ETF
EquitiesTheme: TechnologyXTIshares Exponential Technologies
BondsUS TreasuriesTLT20 Year Bond Ishares
BondsUS TreasuriesTLH10-20 Year Treasury Bd Ishares
BondsUS TreasuriesIEF7-10 Year Treasury Ishares
BondsUS TreasuriesIEI3-7 Year Treasury Bond Ishares
BondsUS TreasuriesSHY1-3 Year Treasury Bond Ishares
BondsUS TreasuriesBIL1-3 Month T-Bill Barclays Capital SPDR
BondsUS TreasuriesSHVShort-Treasury Bond Ishares
BondsUS TreasuriesTFLOTreasury Floating Rate Ishares
BondsUS TreasuriesGOVTCore US Treasury Bond ETF Ishares
BondsInflationTIPTIPS Bond Ishares
BondsInflationVTIPSht-Term Infl Protected Vanguard
BondsInflationSCHPSchwab US TIPS ETF
BondsInflationWIPDB Intl Govt Infl-Protected Bond SPDR
BondsAgenciesMBBMBS Bond Ishares
BondsAgenciesVMBSMortgage-Backed Securities Vanguard
BondsAgenciesGNMAIshares GNMA Bond ETF
BondsAgenciesAGZAgency Bond Ishares
BondsInt'l Govt / Sovereign DebtIGOVIshares Intl Treasury Bond ETF
BondsInt'l Govt / Sovereign DebtISHG1-3 Year Intl Treas Bond Ishares
BondsInt'l Govt / Sovereign DebtBWXIntl Treasury Bond ETF SPDR
BondsInt'l Govt / Sovereign DebtPCYEmrg Mkts Sovereign Debt Powershares
BondsInt'l Govt / Sovereign DebtLEMBEmrg Mkts Local Cur Bond Ishares
BondsInt'l Govt / Sovereign DebtEMBUSD Emrg Mkts Bond Ishares
BondsInt'l Govt / Sovereign DebtBWZShort-Term Intl Treasury Bond ETF SPDR
BondsMunicipal BondsSHMShort-Term Muni Bond ETF SPDR
BondsMunicipal BondsITMInterm Muni ETF Vaneck
BondsMunicipal BondsMLNLong Municipal Index ETF Vaneck
BondsMunicipal BondsTFIMuni Bond ETF SPDR
BondsMunicipal BondsMUBS&P National Amt-Free Muni Bd Ishares
BondsMunicipal BondsHYDHigh Yld Muni ETF Vaneck
BondsMunicipal BondsCMFS&P CA Municipal Bond Ishares
BondsMunicipal BondsNYFS&P NY Municipal Bond Ishares
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsBSVShort-Term Bond ETF Vanguard
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsITRInterm-Term Corp Bond ETF SPDR
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsLWCLong-Term Corp Bond ETF SPDR
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsAGGAggregate Bond Ishares
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsGBFGovernment/Credit Bond Ishares
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsLQDIboxx $ Invest Grade Corp Bond Ishares
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsSCPBShort-Term Corp Bond SPDR
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsCIUInterm Credit Bd Ishares
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsCLY10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares
BondsCredit / Corporate BondsBKLNSenior Loan Portfolio Powershares
BondsHigh Yield BondsSHYG0-5 Year Hi Yld Core Ishares
BondsHigh Yield BondsHYGIboxx $ High Yield Corporate Bd Ishares
BondsHigh Yield BondsJNKHigh Yield Bond ETF SPDR
BondsHigh Yield BondsCWBConvertible Secs Barclays Capital SPDR
BondsHigh Yield BondsFALNIshares Fallen Angels USD Bond
BondsHigh Yield BondsHYHGHigh Yld Interest Rate Proshares
BondsHigh Yield BondsEMHYEmrg Mkts High Yield Bond Fund Ishares
BondsHigh Yield BondsGHYGGlobal High Yield Corporate Bond Fund Ishares
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesUUPDB US Dollar Bullish Powershares
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesFXEEuro Trust
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesFXYJapanese Yen Trust
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesFXBBritish Pound Sterling Trust
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesFXCCanadian Dollar Trust
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesFXAAustralian Dollar Trust
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesFXFSwiss Franc Trust
Cash / CurrenciesMajor CurrenciesFXSSwedish Krona Trust
Cash / CurrenciesBRIC CurrenciesBZFWisdomtree Brazilian Real Fund
Cash / CurrenciesBRIC CurrenciesR6Z16Russian Ruble
Cash / CurrenciesBRIC CurrenciesICNWisdomtree Indian Rupee Fund
Cash / CurrenciesBRIC CurrenciesCYBWisdomtree Chinese Yuan Fund
Cash / CurrenciesCurrency BasketsAUNZAustralia & NZ Debt Wisdomtree
Cash / CurrenciesCurrency BasketsDBVDB G10 Currency Harvest Powershares
Cash / CurrenciesCurrency BasketsAYTGEMS Asia 8 ETN Ipath
Cash / CurrenciesCurrency BasketsICIOptimized Currency Carry ETN Ipath
Cash / CurrenciesCurrency BasketsPGDAsian & Gulf Currency Reval ETN Ipath
Cash / CurrenciesCurrency BasketsCEWWisdomtree Emerging Currency Fund
CommoditiesCommodity IndexesDBCDB Commodity Index Powershares
CommoditiesCommodity IndexesGSCGS Connect S&P GSCI Enh Commodity TR ETN
CommoditiesCommodity IndexesGSGS&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Ishares
CommoditiesCommodity IndexesCOMTIshares Commodities Select Strategy ETF
CommoditiesCommodity IndexesCMDTDOW Jones-UBS Roll Select Ishares
CommoditiesPrecious MetalsGLDGold SPDR
CommoditiesPrecious MetalsIAUGold Trust Ishares ETF
CommoditiesPrecious MetalsSLVSilver Trust Ishares
CommoditiesPrecious MetalsPTMLong Platinum TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
CommoditiesPrecious MetalsPALLPhysical Palladium
CommoditiesIndustrial Base MetalsDBBDB Base Metals ETN Powershares
CommoditiesIndustrial Base MetalsJJCDJ-UBS Copper TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesIndustrial Base MetalsJJUDJ-UBS Aluminum TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesIndustrial Base MetalsJJNDJ-UBS Nickel TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesIndustrial Base MetalsLDIpath Lead Subindex TR ETN
CommoditiesEnergyJJEDJ-UBS Energy TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesEnergyUSOUS Oil Fund
CommoditiesEnergyBNOUS Brent Oil
CommoditiesEnergyUNGUS Natural Gas Fund
CommoditiesEnergyUGAUS Gasoline
CommoditiesAgriculture / GrainsDBADB Agriculture Fund PS
CommoditiesAgriculture / GrainsCOWDJ-UBS Livestock TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesAgriculture / GrainsJJGDJ-UBS Grains TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesAgriculture / GrainsCORNTeucrium Corn
CommoditiesSoftsJODJ-UBS Coffee TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesSoftsNIBDJ-UBS Cocoa TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesSoftsBALDJ-UBS Cotton TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
CommoditiesSoftsSGGDJ-UBS Sugar TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
Real EstateUS Real EstateIYRDJ US Real Estate Ishares
Real EstateUS Real EstateICFReality Majors Cohen & Steers Ishares
Real EstateUS Real EstateROOFIQ US Real Estate Smallcap ETF
Real EstateUS Real EstateREZIshares Residential Real Estate ETF
Real EstateUS Real EstateVNQREIT Index ETF Vanguard
Real EstateUS Real EstateSCHHSchwab US REIT ETF
Real EstateUS Real EstateREMFTSE Nareit Mort Plus Cp Idx Ishares
Real EstateUS Real EstateMORTMortgage REIT Vaneck ETF
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateIFGLIshares Intl Devp Real Estate ETF
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateRWODJ Global Real Estate ETF SPDR
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateGQREFlexshares Global Quality Real Estate
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateWPSS&P Dev Ex-US Property Ishares
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateREETIshares Global REIT ETF
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateEMREGuggenhein Emerging Market Real
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateLARETierra XP Latin America Real Estate
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateDXJRWisdomtree Japan Real Estate Hedged Fund
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateIFEUIshares Europe Developed
Real EstateInt'l Real EstatePSRActive US Real Estate Powershares
Real EstateInt'l Real EstateTAOChina Real Estate Guggenheim