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Cost of Financing Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy?

donald trump stumpOkay, folks now that the dust has settled, I am still trying to wrap my head around Donald Trump’s immigration plan, which is estimated to cost more than $50 billion over 5 years. More importantly, how does it gets financed? LMFAO….

It is my understanding that Trump is the master of bankruptcy, so I guess if America goes bankrupts, we should sigh relief that he’s in charge and we’re in good hands. Right? Wrong!

Based upon everything he has said thus far and, if he follows through on his words, because after all the Donald is a man who means and does what he says, then we will most certainly become¬†entangled in several trade wars and maybe even a few ground wars too. Oh yes, he also promised to cut taxes too while he’s remaking the country.

He is another false Messiah and the angry “Real Americans” have been deluded after drinking too much DT Kool-Aid.


(See breakdown of estimated costs below)



cost of trump immigration plan policy
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