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Currency Markets Morning Brief: December-10-2015

U.S. Dollar Index March-2016 Futures: Trading @ 97.92 (+0.499), the greenback is making a comeback from its recent low @ 97.31 and attempting to form a consolidation pattern. Resistance levels are @ 98.08 and 98.55. 97.75. Thus far, the negative news for Jobless Claims and Import/Export Prices is not having any bearish impact. (6:40am PT)

Spot EUR/USD: Trading @ 1.0948, the Euro has faded some of yesterday’s gains and may be initiating a minor intraday correction as the trend is changing to bearish. Resistance is @ 1.1004 while support levels are @ 1.0924 and 1.0904. (6:46am PT)

Spot USD/JPY: Trading @ 121.41, the Yen’s gains against the dollar may be losing momentum. Support is @ 121.22 and 121.02 and resistance is @ 121.53 and 121.84 levels. (6:50am PT)

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