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Getting Away From the Schism of Izzims


Hmmmmm… No one has paid much attention to Lil’ Kim (Jong Un) lately since the recent tragic events involving alt-right white supremacists and alt-left protesters┬áin Charlottesville, VA. POTUS Trump, an alternative-reality star in his own right (pun intended), adores being in the global spotlight and has garnered most of it. However, I wonder if he might welcome a political vacation from his recent extended golf trip. In my humble opinion, as someone who is opposed to some of his administrative policies and almost all of his leadership principles, I think a disproportionate share of media attention has been unfairly directed towards his response vs the actual act of domestic terrorism (which is exactly what it was).

Then again, issuing a lukewarm rebuke to racists on Saturday and walking back the ensuing Monday’s more explicit condemnation by doubling down and equivocating KKK and Nazi members and their supporters to the counter-protesters of social injustice did not exactly help Trump’s cause. While a declining polls’ swirly and the downward spiral of the GOP brand were enough to induce a “cry Uncle” moment just long enough to force-feed the POTUS politically correct rhetoric, the distasteful essence of insincerity proved too much for him to endure. The result was the political vomit spewed forth at the infrastructure press conference as Trump freely spoke his mind. (God help or bless him, depending upon your political bias, of course.) It didn’t take long for the many high profile business leaders to abandon the HSS Ship of Fools and make a legitimate break under the justifiable cover or bigotry and racism unwittingly provided. In the midst of this mass exodus, the Com-Panderer in Chief fired them all.




I say that it won’t be long before Lil’ Kim does something whacked to draw global attention to himself. It looks like he stood down on his previous threats for Guam, albeit a hollow victory for the US if we are to believe “nothing-to-lose” Steve Bannon, chief strategist and Trump’s most recently fired advisor. At the end of the day, Kim will continue pursuing the development of N. Korea’s nuclear program and there is not much we can do about it unless we are willing to incur the heavy costs in human casualties. For now, everyone can exhale as the geopolitical tensions have eased. Until then sit back and enjoy watching The Apprentice preside over the White House and lead our great nation and the world through the treacherous waters of #nepotism, #despotism, #fascism, and #racism that are usurping democracy and freedoms. So far, that appears to be what the stock market is doing as its bullish trends remain intact during a two-week retreat.


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