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Greece’s Upcoming Deadline Dates for Payments

greece-n-eu-flagsThis Greek tragedy, better known as “The Foibles of Grexit”, will continue to play at financial theaters around the world and release a couple more sequels to saturate the markets for good measure. For those who think we are in the final act, think again. The relationship between Greece and the EU is the most dysfunctional of economic co-dependencies when it comes to affairs of any sort.

For the past two years, both sides have been stringing the markets along one step at a time with stop-gap measures void of serious reform. Right now, it looks like Europe is finally running out of patience as it is apparent to everyone that both sides are running out of time too and at some point the decision will make itself.

In the meantime, if you trade the U.S. Dollar Index or the Euro (EUR/USD), here are some other imperative payment deadlines to keep on your radar. Any one of them just might “stop the world from spinning” if Greece fails to meet them. JK…


Greece’s Schedule of Upcoming Credit Obligations

Payment Date
June-6-2015 E300mm ($330mm USD)
End of June-2015 E1.6bn ($1.76bn USD)
July-20-2015 E3.5bn ($3.85bn USD)


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