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Investment periodic tables are often used to emphasize the importance of portfolio diversification, which we also deem prudent for the purpose of mitigating risks. However, there are some who also subscribe to Wall Street’s urban myth that performance patterns are random (and therefore unpredictable). Observation of the tables below could easily lead one to infer such.

However,  there are no accidents in the universe of the capital markets. For every action, there is a reaction. Therefore, Hillbent strongly believes that investment periodic tables further underscore the need for strategic asset allocation based upon diligent fundamental analysis (what to buy or sell) and ongoing technical analysis (when to buy or sell) which identify cyclical and secular themes and supply-demand imbalances from which one may profit.

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Annual Returns for Key Asset Class Indices (2000 – 2015)


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Annual Returns for 10 Major Sector ETFs (2000 – 2015)


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