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Markets, Economy and Politics Just Small Slices of The Big Picture

glass-half-full-or empty-optimist-or-pessimistAmerica is a strange country in that it possesses that rare quality amongst nations whereby it continues to get better and worse at the same time. The current presidential campaign race between Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is a prime example, in my humble opinion. I’m sure readers can offer other suitable ones as well.

Personally and professionally, I find the economy and investment markets to be a most useful metaphor and over the past 25 years it has taught me much about myself and life in general. Although money is not the ultimate elixir and the stock market, as represented by the S&P 500 (see 88-year historical chart below), the overall quality of life in our society improves and progresses incrementally despite inequalities, injustices and temporary set-backs.

Sure, there will be recessions and maybe even more depressions within the existence of our nation and even our respective individual lives. That’s the cycle of life, i.e. up and down. Keep it positive and it shall be so. The laws of karma and attraction do exist.

(P.S. I do acknowledge that there are those disenfranchised in our society to whom the above may not proportionately apply. Just keeping it real…)


long-term chart of s&p 500
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