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Note to IMF and World Bank: China’s Got Your Pimp Juice Now

AkonI jotted notes down last week and intended to post this earlier, but became distracted with other matters. It looks like Africa just told the IMF and World Bank to go f*ck their sisters.  Raising more than just an eyebrow was an online article I read from Financial Juneteenth, which reported that the R&B singer and producer, Akon, has apparently secured $1 billion (USD) financial backing from a group of mainland Chinese investors for his Lighting Africa Initiative, a project geared towards bringing electricity to countries in this part of the under-developed world.

Just in case anyone is illiterate when it comes to reading between the lines, I will break it down for the lowest common denominators:


There is a new pimp in town.

Word is he’s going around,

Flexing muscle

With a generous hustle

To bed developing honey

And make more money.


No longer the bitches of the West,

It is my guess

That African nations will continue to open the vagina

With mad love for China,

The Red Beast

Of the East.


Wake up and realize that the world is changing, whether it fits into your plans for a New World Order or not and don’t hate the messenger as I’m only calling it like I see it.

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