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Hillbent-4-Options services experienced options traders by primarily focusing on option spreads and other sophisticated selling strategies for highly liquid equities and ETFs. Most trades are structured to produce income and profit from the decay of time or intrinsic value. However, put and call options buying, based upon momentum or speculation, may also be deployed for intermediate or shorter time frames. Updates and alerts are issued on an as-needed basis in accordance with market conditions and investment opportunities.


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Options Decision Support Research Specific trading ideas with commentary guidance on trading stops and position risk management.

Flash commentary email alerts also provided on an as-needed or discretionary basis for entry and exit or supplementary analysis.

Publication Schedule / Frequency Reports are typically published once a week, but at a minimum of 3 times per month. Publication may vary from 1)beginning-of-week; 2) intra-week; or 3) end-of-week and is dependent upon market conditions and investment opportunities, at the discretion of Hillbent.

During each monthly period, 4 to 5 specific short to intermediate trading ideas are provided, along with proprietary technical analysis and qualitative commentary.

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Equities Russell 1000 Components
Exchange Traded Funds Hillbent Core ETF Universe of 265+ ETFs representing

1) Equities; 2) Fixed Income; 3) Currencies; 4) Commodities; and 5) Real Estate

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Basic Buying and Selling of puts and calls; Naked and Covered Puts and Calls; Straddles and Strangles; Condors and Iron Condors
Advanced Strangles and Strangles; Condors and Iron Condors; etc…
Spreads Bull and Bear; Ratio; Calendar; Intermarket; etc…
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Memberships Limited Memberships
Client Suitability Experienced options traders only
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Significant discount trial period to evaluate our services, plus flexible subscription plans with 25% price savings for dedicated members… paypal-subscribe-Hillbent-4-Futures

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