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<<< Publication >>>
Frequency Monthly & Quarterly
 Objective  Provide decision support research for institutions and individuals using ETFs for tactical and strategic investment allocations and enable efficient and concise macro-analysis of market trends by monitoring volume liquidity flows and highlighting specific bullish and bearish price alerts
<<< Asset Classes >>>
Equities (#201) Domestic; International; Regional; Sectors; Key Industries; Dow Theory; Emerging Markets; Investment Styles and Themes; and Volatility 
Bonds (#50) US Treasuries; Inflation; Agencies; Int’l Govt & Sovereign Debt; Municipals; Credit & Corp Bonds; and High Yield 
Cash / Currencies (#18) Majors; BRICs; and Currency Baskets 
Commodities (#28) Commodity Indexes; Precious Metals; Base Metals; Energy; Agriculture/Grains; and Softs 
Real Estate (#19) US; and International 
<<< Components of Analysis >>>
Asset Class Periodic Tables Comparative performance analysis of aggregated assets and sub-classes over various time periods 
Lookout Highlights Bullet summary of report’s key points. 
Market Insights Proprietary “outside-the-box” commentary highlighting technical, quantitative and qualitative analysis or contrarian opinions on market impacting issues 
Asset Class Summaries Summary highlights of relative strength, price trends, and significant increases or decreases in the volume 
Market Trends Summary Long-term trend ratings of bullish, neutral or bearish assigned to ETFs via asset class filters 
Price Volume Analysis Quantitative analysis of relative strength, performance and volume dollar liquidity changes vs a time weighted average to gauge supply/demand sentiment 
Featured ETF Chart Analysis Monthly and quarterly charts are selected for technical and/or fundamental considerations to further assist research efforts of subscribers 
Global ETF Macro-Economic Survey Comparative analysis of key economic data points for global regions as well as relative strength, PE valuations and dividend yields for individual country ETFs 
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