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Recommended Links for Reading and Viewing: June-2-2017

This week’s tour through the universe of cyberspace visits 4 topics I found worthy of sharing with readers.

1. In Finance, big banks refusing to refrain from price collusion; and learning from a grand market wizard on how to detect financial bubbles.

2. In technology, one of our favorite subjects, we delve into the disruptive impact of e-commerce trends here in the US and Asia.

3. If you find humor in irony, which plentifully abounds in politics, then you might enjoy the Twitter video I shared on the US State Department attempting to spin its way out of hypocrisy on its conflicting political postures towards Iran and Saudi Arabia. Not quite so amusing, however, is the pending risk of POTUS Trump’s administration to deliver a detailed and credible tax reduction plan as promised and embraced by the market.

4. Lastly, to cleanse your cerebral palette, we hype some insights on quantum physics and dinosaurs.



Financial Markets



Internet and Technology
  • E-Commerce is not only disrupting retail, but real estate as well. According to Credit Suisse, 25% of the existing malls within the US will close within the next 5 years. No need to fear, Americans will continue to buy “stuff”, but the skill set for those involved in the distribution chain of getting goods into the hands of consumers will change. Displacement of human labor resources, if not appropriately and timely retrained to adapt to this challenge, will ensue. Recall the cataclysmic shift from agriculture to manufacturing that our economy endured and that it turned out pretty good.


  • In the age of smart mobile apps, technology becomes critical for efficiently managing large volumes of information and people. Now, witness the powerful trending growth of China’s Sharing Economy, which has the potential to contribute significantly to its GDP and be modeled in other emerging or developed markets.


  • The devil can often be found in the details or lack thereof. The Hope of a Tax-Cut Dream could be deferred as GOP lawmakers grow frustrated with Trump.  My concern is that failure to get a credible tax bill passed could cause the market to regurgitate some of the hubris it has gorged upon during the Trump Rally. Also, lest we forget, mid-term elections will be upon us before we know it and the risk of a weaker legislative base to support the America First agenda is not a fake news spin-out, but more of a political fallout from the disgruntled constituents.






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