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Stuff Worth Reading: August-8-2014


This reading/audio list is short on quantity but long on quality or density in terms of its depth of content. Today we diverge towards more cerebral issues that are not traditionally thought to be directly related to what is commonly thought of as trading and investing. The topics range from fractal analysis and its application to mass crowd psychology to geopolitical tectonic shifts which are impacting the balance of world power and ultimately our capital markets. May you enjoy consuming these scholarly course of knowledge…

  • Markets, Information and Their Fractal Analysis: In this 8-page paper by Mária Bohdalová and Michal Greguš of Comenius University (Faculty of Management, Slovak republic), one revisits the debatable argument of chaos vs. order or randomness vs. determinism in the financial markets and art or skill of investment speculation. This seven page paper emphasizes the appropriate application of fractal analysis and how it can facilitate a better understanding of how markets and economies work.
  • 3rd Anti-Satellite Missle Test Launch In China: The anti-missile defense system being developed by China can be likened to building the second Great Wall of China. It will have many geopolitical repercussions and severely curtail U.S. surveillance operations. Although it remains a work in progress, the Chinese government has more than sufficient financial and political capital to see it through to completion.
  • Aftermath of Assault On Gaza Worse Than Operation Cast Lead: Now that a 72 hour cease-fire is in effect between Israel and Palestine/Hamas, the sober truth of the damages incurred is surfacing and it reveals the disproportionate amount of mass destruction and loss of civilian life blatantly ignored by mainstream media. This is not the most pleasant news topic to cover, but this is a story that should be told by an independent news source and heard by concerned citizens of the world.


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