With Nothing Sticking to Trump, Stock Sellers Refuse to Dump

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Market Condition   Market Commentary One thing to note is that for all the instability and uncertainty created by the Trump administration’s first month in office, the markets have been anything but this. Instead, they have exhibited remarkable resilience as US stocks continue trending upward. One can throw just about any shit imaginable at POTUS […]

Brazil Is Still Unraveling

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Damn!!! What else can one say? Does it get any uglier than this? I mentioned Brazil in a previous report posted at Seeking Alpha and I think this Bloomberg video (see below) only underscores it. Hopefully, the economic turmoil will stay contained and not spread to other parts of Latin America. Venezuela is already a […]

FRB Update (Dec-16-2015): FOMC Announcement and Economic Forecasts

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As expected the Fed raised its interest rates and it looks like any further action taken will be gradual as it is willing to remain accommodative. Regarding its two mandates of full employment and target inflation @ 2.0%, it currently perceives “considerable” improvement occurring in the labor market and is “reasonably confident” over the medium term that inflation […]

Recommended Reading and Videos: November-29-2015

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This week’s recommended reading covers : 1) investment insights on China; 2) diluted and deluded valuations for technology companies; 3) career and professional development advice; 4) Black Friday’s retail data manipulations; 5) Harvard’s study on the health benefits of coffee;  6) economic impact of interest rates; and  7) geopolitical concerns for Russia and the USA. Enjoy…

Recommended Reading and Videos: October-31-2015

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This week’s list of recommendations focuses on trends in the energy industry and global economy. It also highlights earnings transcripts from notable bellwethers which offer much needed micro-economic insights that enhance the clarity of the macro-economic-mosaic. To clean your palette of the capital markets, we’ve also served up some geopolitical considerations for China and Russia […]