Bond Market Morning Brief: December-15-2015

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10-Year Treasury Note March-2016 Futures: Trading @ 125’310, the flight to safety is becoming passé as treasury notes resume their downtrend. Double bottom potential @ 125’100 if support holds. (6:23am PT) 30-Year Treasury Bond March-2016 Futures: Trading @ 154’05, the long bond is most responsive to the prospect of higher interest rates and therefore has made the […]

View From The Hill: October-23-2015

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Commentary and Performance Today’s positive economic data out of the USA and Europe combined with central banks’ global coordination to “stimuflate” their economies gave stocks another boost. The SP-500 closed @ 2017.15 (+22.64 / +1.10%) and the Nasdaq-100 settled @ 4624.09 (+120.87 / +2.68%). Small caps continue to struggle with clearing key resistance levels despite […]

Treasury Bonds Say “So What?” To Yellen’s Warning On Low Interest Rates

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Today, Chairperson Janet Yellen forewarned that the low long term interest rates currentlly being enjoyed by the market could jump once the Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates. The bond market more or less said “So what?” to her comments and finished in positive territory when treasuries tend to reflexively  retreat on such remarks. Below […]