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The Case For Science: Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Replies To Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

science-n-policyIn 272 words, Dr. Tyson delivers an eloquent knockout for the case of incorporating science into our nation’s policy making. However, he is not the first American giant to pack such a powerful punch of wisdom. Preceding him was Abraham Lincoln, a national hero cherished today on both sides of the aisle, and who made the original opening argument for science to a nation torn apart by a bloody civil war being fought back then for economic and moral reasons.

History rhymes with the times. Now, it is Dr. Tyson making the closing argument for the acceptance of science to a nation divided by the warfare of socio-economic-political ideologies. As the year ends, my greatest hope is that we are equally up to the task of embracing, with malice towards none, the opportunity to embark upon a new age of discovery and prosperity for all.

(P.S. It took me 154 words to tell you all this.)



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