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The Top Three Coolest Social Media Tools Amongst Teens

social-media-globe-imageForrester Research’s latest survey on teens aged 12 – 17 indicates the top three coolest social media tools within this demographic group are YouTube (80%), Snapchat (79%) and Instagram (78%). When looking at the chart below, the first thing that impresses me is that Google/Alphabet and Facebook (which respectively own the 1st and 3rd place social media platforms) continue to remain competitive in terms of market share.┬áBoth are also social media platforms and represent the top ten, despite being favored by slightly older and broader based demographics, which gives them an even larger footprint.

In technology, and especially the internet industry, the newest and trendiest is often associated with being the best of breed. One of the hottest names to emerge lately is Snapchat, which is extremely popular among teens and younger adults. Trends evolve and people age, so we’ll have to revisit this one in 5 years and see who remains at the top of the food chain. Just ask Twitter and Tumblr.


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