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Trump Praises Clintons: “No He Didn’t!” Says Mike Pence

Politics is a rough and dirty game and sometimes looks more akin to WWE. Here is a slice of Trump back in the day before he lost his mind and decided to run for president. (After all, one has to be insane to subject oneself to the abuse and rigors of a presidential campaign.)

In this video, he speaks with clarity and focused intelligence. What the (insert F-bomb or any other appropriate expletive) happened? When I look at this video, it almost makes me believe that perhaps he’s right about the elections being rigged. What else could possibly explain this circus of politics?

(By the way, I wrote the above earlier on FaceBook and for some reason, their censors removed it, so I am posting it here now on my blog at Hillbent, just in case the cyber goons take it down again.)



P.S. I hear the Donald wants this video removed, so please share it with as many folks as possible. For the record, I have no real beef with Donald Trump, although not an a staunch supporter of him or Hilary Clinton.

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