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“Trumpire” Crumbling As Top GOP Leaders Defecting

trumpire-koolaidAny “Trumpire” supporters care to defend Donald on the latest desertion by some “real” Republicans? Right-wing media pundits are calling these defectors out as not being “real” Republicans? Give me a break! They are “real” by virtue of the fact that they refuse to live in an alternative reality whose world is controlled by a demagogue intolerant of divergent opinions or independent thoughts.

How many times can the GOP move the goal posts to validate itself politically or will it come out of denial and keep it “real”? Last week, I met with a business owner and friend who is a Republican and supported Trump’s presidential bid. He informed me this is no longer the case. I know of other Republicans who have exited the party out of frustration because of its extremist and divisive rhetoric over the years.

Myself? Not that what I think really matters, but I am Independent and typically vote for whoever makes the most practical sense. At times I have supported GOP candidates and still do. Admittedly and somewhat embarrassingly, I also initially gave Trump a chance, but this false Messiah lost my faith and vote months ago with his blatant lies.

On the other hand, voting for Hilary Clinton does not leave a pleasant aftertaste or wash down so easily either. Yet, living with the predictability of manipulative evil is much more preferable to the unknown insanity of a narcissist. Sometimes it really is better to stick with the devil you already know.

Believe it or not, there are some things or qualities I actually admire about Trump, e.g. his personality of strength and unwavering self-belief. Then again, one’s greatest strengths can sometimes be one’s greatest weaknesses. In this given set of circumstances, this is exactly the case for Donald Trump. Apologies are extended to any of you folks who may have imbibed his Kool-Aid, but there is an antidote and it’s called unity.

As someone who focuses on the positive, I tend to find good qualities in just about anyone I encounter, but that doesn’t mean they too are fit to be president of the United States or other positions in life. Then there are others with whom I have philosophical differences and plainly do not like who have either been president or have sought the office, for which they were clearly fit and qualified.

Is anyone hearing me or getting any of this at all?


P.S. Some of Hillbent’s readers may be asking what has any of the above to do with the markets. The answer is nothing and everything. However, as the founder of this blog, I occasionally exercise the privilege to express opinions on matters that stir my convictions.

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