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View From The Hill (Jan-5-2016): Markets Stuck in the Mud




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Performance Summary

*Trends: ST = short-term; MT = Intermediate-term; LT = long-term

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Market Condition

stuck in the mudDon’t be fooled by today’s price action. Equity markets have not stabilized yet. Although momentum showed signs of being less bearish, market internals remain weak. A significant number of stocks advanced on lower volume (distribution) while the majority of those declining in price did so on lower volume (apathy) as well. We’re still stuck in the mud until either bulls or ears decide to commit in volume.

Hillbent on the Market Direction…


Daily Chart Technical Analysis
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Market Breadth
Advancers 311 Decliners 186
New 5-day highs 55 New 5-day lows 103
New 52-week highs 4 New 52-week lows 15
Bullish reversals 25 Bearish reversals 109


Market Momentum
% > 20 M.A. % > 50 M.A. % > 100 M.A. % > 200 M.A.
33% 31%
↑ = positive momentum; ↓ = negative momentum; and ↔ = neutral momentum


Volume Radar Alerts

  • Vol % = volume percentage greater than average volume
  • SIR = short interest ratio or days to cover
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