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View From The Hill: May-1-2015

Commentary & Performance

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Market Moving Events



 USA / Manufacturing: Employment in the the ISM PMI report is reflecting weakness, but overall it was a strong showing @ 51.5 vs. 51.5 prior as 15/18 industries experienced composite growth. USA / Consumer: Domestic Auto Sales dipped to 13.2mm vs. 13.8mm prior while Total Vehicle Sales contracted to 16.5mm vs. 17.2mm.
 USA / Consumer: With little inflation and low gas prices, the most recent Consumer Sentiment report @ 95.9 vs. 95.9 prior should come as no surpise. UK / Manufacturing: Expansion in the Mfg PMI remains positive but decelerated to 51.9 vs. 54.4 prior.
 Asia / China: China’s Mfg PMI and Non-Mfg PMI respectively reported better than expected readings @ 53.4 and 50.1.  USA / Manufacturing: Most likely a stronger dollar is the culprit for the decline in Mfg PMI to 54.1 vs. 55.7 prior.
 M&A / Chemicals: Monsanto is rumored to be considering a takeover of Syngenta AG.  USA / Real Estate: Construction Spending declined to -0.6% vs. -0.1% prior.
Earnings / Healthcare: Gilead Sciences reported better than expected earings for 1Q-2015.
Europe / Sovereign Debt: Greece Prime Minister Tsipras is reputed to be confident that a deal to unlock bailout funds is possible.


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